Be Kind,Make a Plan and Spread love

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May Happiness and Prosperity be yours in the New Year ! As our year is coming to an end may you have a plan to bring happiness, love and laughter to your life and to the people that you love.

As a young adult in my early 20's we didn't have very much money. It was Christmas with our first baby. As Christmas grew closer I began to feel sadden because we had trouble paying our bills , we had no Christmas tree and very little food. Don't forget diapers and formula are not free! I loved my family and wanted life to be easy but that didn't happen like I had planned. Life never turns out the way we expect.

I worked as a waitress while I was attending community college . It was  a very low paying job. So I began to do some planning on how I can make it through this holiday season without quitting college in order to work more and pay my bills. My plan started to work and I was able to keep up with my bills. I planned healthy meals that cost about $3.00 for dinner, $.50 for breakfast and  $1.50 for lunch this feed two adults.  I learn to love some food I never thought I would! Christmas eve came and I drove up to a Christmas tree lot that was closing and asked if I could have a tree for free and the kind hearted man said yes and was even more kind and helped me to load it on top of my car. He said I saved him from having to take it back and burn it. 

Never be afraid to tackle and conquer what seems like the impossible because you just might find out that it is possible ! 

Please keep in mind to help people, be kind to people, and when possible share with people. The holidays are for everyone to enjoy with family and friends.